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About Forte Music Press

You deserve music that’s both useful and enjoyable to play.

Do you play better when the music is creative? That’s the goal of Forte Music Press.

If you like our music send us an email or a video of you performing your favorite piece. We would love to hear your interpretation and know that you’re being awesome. Keep practicing.

Ask questions. Questions are a sign of intelligence and smart people are more fun.

About the Publisher

Glen Tuomaala has taught music from kindergarten to the university levels.

Teaching 2nd graders was fantastic (and exhausting). Teaching at the university level was rewarding when you see a student grow as a person and as a musician. I like my students because they are great teachers.

Writing music is an excellent way to relieve stress and I recommend it. Like anything in life, the more you do – the better you get at it. I hope you care about your students and that you challenge then more than they think is possible.

I’ve had some amazing teachers and without them my life wouldn’t be complete. If you have a great teacher in your life you need to tell them. Don’t wait.

Be the role model for someone else and make a difference in their life. Lead by example.