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Amusement Park Etudes Full – Printed


Covid-19 hit and I changed to teaching horn lessons online.

Students got bored; plus, WE WERE ALL STRESSED OUT.

Solution? Write new etudes for my students to learn.

Three parts of increasing difficulty.

  • Part #1 “Games and Rides”
  • Part #2 “Midway”
  • Part #3 “Daredevil”


99 etudes total and a BONUS ETUDE (Part 3).

They may be used for sight-reading, as an assigned etude for chair placement/audition or, just as new material to learn how to play fundamentals.

IHS REVIEW (2021) by Dr. Travis Bennett, Professor of Horn – Western Carolina University.

They are “something different” with a purpose.

THANKS to my students who served as “guinea pigs” to show me which etudes were the best (and which were the worst).

And you made me laugh during a very stressful time in life.